Sunday, 19 October 2014

DIY Wedding - Bridesmaids gifts

So as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I got married this summer and spent a lot of time crafting for it. I made almost everything my self and wanted to share, as I realized how huge the wedding industry is and their might be other crafty brides that may be interested in how easy making some things for your wedding can be. I have a whole lot that I made and will share so maybe ill post one a week or so. I will say like most brides now a days I got 99.9% of my ideas from Pinterest. What a wonderful thing Pinterest is. Anyways although i got the majority of my ideas off Pinterest I put my own spin on things or changed it around for my color scheme.
First thing to share is the boxes I made for my bridesmaids gifts.
Really, really easy, not much assembly at all. The boxed i bought at Michaels (I found them at the end of the wedding isle closer to baking supplies) they were about $1.50 each. I got 6, 5 for my bridesmaids and 1 for my flower girl ( I did something different for my Maid of Honor)
I simply printed 
"Thank you for being my bridesmaid" on card stock and then cut it with my paper trimmer slightly smaller then the box. They came with foam pieces inside which I kept in to elevate it. Just cut 2 slits on the side to have the necklace stay put.
The top part I just cut normal wrapping ribbon and taped in the inside, curled a few pieces with scissors and made the tags with circle punches I have. 

Ps sorry for the yucky background of the pictures , it is my craft desk which is fairly scratched up lol.

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