Sunday, 26 October 2014

DIY coffee filter flowers

Back again with a DIY project this time. An idea I found on Pinterest of course and wanted to make it for around the house. There are tutorials on pinterest of coffee filter roses as well but these were crazy easy and I like the look of them.
I tried to take pictures as I went along to show the way I found the easiest for me.
Here are the flowers all done. I put them in a really simple dollar store vase and wrapped a small piece of lace around it.
Supply's needed. Pipe cleaners,(I used all sparkly silver),glue gun,wooden sticks (they are just skewers you would use to make kabobs), floral tape and the paint is optional but I used silver enamel glitter paint.
 Ok so how to: Fold coffee filters in half and cut some of the top for size of flowers you want. I used about 10 to 12 to make the flower full.

 Fold them in half again , kind of in a cone shape so that you cut a tiny hole in the bottom for the pipe cleaner to go through.
 Slide the pipe cleaner through the hole and hot glue it on the coffee filters. You could also choose to hot glue the wooden stick instead of the pipe cleaner at this point. I tried it both ways and found this way the easiest.
 At this point you want to start scrunching each coffee filter upwards. You may have to hot glue the coffee filters 1 or 2 more times through the bunch as not all the filters are secure to the pipe cleaner. I started by folding the filters in half on the pipe cleaner and scrunching one filter up at a time.
 This is about half the filter scrunched up.
 Just continue until they are all scrunched upward and you achieve the look you want.
 I kinda pinched the very end of the flower at the pipe cleaner to make in narrow and simply slid the stick in beside the pipe cleaner. I secured it with scotch tape first.
 And then wrapped floral tape around it.
 Then simply start wraping the pipe cleaner around the stick. You will have to add 1 or 2 more as you go as 1 wasn't long enough.
 The stem all wrapped up. And your flower is all done at this point or you can add color or sparkle if you choose.
I added some of the silver glitter paint just on the tips of 2 of the flowers and left 2 completely white.
 Here is a picture of a flower that some glitter was added to.
And the flowers completely done in a vase. They turned out kinda cute:) 

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for looking!:)

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