Sunday, 2 November 2014

DIY Wedding - Table numbers

Another DIY wedding project today. Just really simple table numbers and "I spy" cards for photos (another pinterest idea ofcourse). These were really easy and inexpensive to make and a little different then the typical wedding table numbers.

I started off with one of these plastic photo frames that I bought from the dollar store.

 On one side I did the table numbers. I printed these on shimmery white paper (not noticeable in the picture) from my printer. I decided to type out the words of the table numbers rather than just the number just because i liked the look of it. Under each table number I put my favorite love quotes or song , or below a quote from movies (the notebook ofcourse, hehe) and then just glued gems (also purchased from the dollar store) around the frame. It comes with adhesive on the back already but I was worried they would fall off so I glue gunned it all on.

 On the other side of the table numbers I made an "I spy" game for photos. Again just printed it off from my printer, using different colored inks to match my purple color scheme and just adhered sparkly paper strips I cut, around the edges and voila cheap but cute table numbers.

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